Answers to Frequently Asked Questions...

1. Is the work you do on my Vehicle Guaranteed?

Yes - We offer a Lifetime Warranty on all of our Repairs!

2. Do I have to get multiple estimates for the Insurance Company?

No - the law clearly states you only need one estimate

3. Do I have to choose a Collision Repair Shop my Insurance Company recommends?

No - You always have the choice to select any repair facility regardless of who is paying for repairs. We work with every insurance company. We will negotiate the claim on your behalf and get the Insurance Company to pay for all necessary repairs.

4. Another vehicle hit my vehicle and it wasn’t my fault, what are my options?

You can file a claim directly to the other person's Insurance Company or
You may file a claim with your Insurance Company or
You may have the other person pay for the damages themselves
We will be glad to assist you with this process.

5. What if the insurance company’s estimate is different than the one from ProLine Collision Center?

An estimate is just a starting point for the repairs. Insurance Company's may not see all the damage on the first estimate. We will work with the Insurance Company on your behalf to have an accurate and quality repair to your vehicle.

6. Will my car be in the same condition once the repairs are done?

Yes - we have the highest trained technicians in the Auto Collision industry. We also have the most modern and state of the art equipment and training available. We continue to train and update our equipment to stay current with all the latest technology in vehicles.

7. My car is leased. Can I choose where to have it repaired?

Yes - while leasing your vehicle - you are responsible for maintaining your vehicle condition. You may choose any repair facility.

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